Sponsorship Requests

Thank you for visiting ARB's sponsorship section. If you are interested in a donation or sponsorship support from ARB, please read the following requirements and guidelines. If you meet the requirements for sponsorship, please submit a formal, written request that provides as much information as possible about your event. Based on the number of requests we receive, allow at least 3-4 weeks for a response.

Please note: All sponsorship proposals are reviewed; however, due to the number of requests we receive we are not always able to assist.

General Criteria for ARB Sponsorship Support:

  • The event is relevant to ARB brands and markets
  • The event takes place in an appropriate environment
  • ARB products play a key role in the event
  • The event is environmentally and socially responsible
  • Your request is made at least 2 months before the event

Please also note these comments on specific request categories:

4x4 Club Events

Where possible, ARB tries to support local club events with promotional ARB items such as decals, brochures etc. Given the number of events we sponsor, please limit your requests to one per year, per club.

Regional Associations

Where possible, ARB tries to assist regional associations at major events through the provision of sponsorship in the form of prizes, promotional items (decals, brochures etc) and ARB banners.

Fire and Other Emergency Departments

Unfortunately, due to the massive number of requests we get from emergency departments, we are unable to donate equipment. For purchasing information, please contact govsales@arbusa.com for pricing.

Student Competitions

Students competing in design and engineering competitions will have their requests reviewed on the basis of product availability. Requests must be accompanied by color artwork and a report on how the ARB product will be used.

Charitable Support

ARB is involved with charity work in a number of areas across several countries. We have a charity advisory team that takes its job very seriously, and makes decisions about where donations go based on internal research and evaluation.

Automotive Industry Support

Automotive industry requests are evaluated with several variables in mind, including relevance to ARB, cost, value of the event or relationship etc.

Individual Sponsorships

In light of the massive amount of requests we get for individual sponsorship, we cannot provide product or financial support to individuals and individual vehicles.

Media Product Requests

ARB's level of support for qualified 4x4 media is based primarily on the level of coverage expected. Media support can assume several forms, ie supplying products, editorial etc. All media requests will be verified prior to support being provided. Please allow at least three weeks for product delivery, and note that in some circumstances the product may need to be returned to ARB after the review is completed. All freelance writers will require a letter of acceptance from a qualifying media outlet.

If your request meets the above criteria, please send your written request with as much information as possible (ie date of event, number of attendees, type of sponsorship sought) to:

ARB 4x4 AccessoriesAttn - Sponsorship Committee 4810 D Street NW, Suite #103, Auburn, WA 98001

Please note that we request you do not place any follow up calls, we will contact you when a decision has been reached.

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