At what speed can I engage my ARB Air Lockers?

An ARB Air Locker can be engaged at any speed as long as both wheels of the axle are spinning at or close to the same speed. If one wheel is spinning faster than the other, what is called “crash locking” will occur and can cause damage to the internal gears. We recommend that the vehicle stops and engages the Air Locker prior to attempting an obstacle.

Can I air up tires with the ARB Compact Compressor CKSA12?

It is not recommended to use the ARB Compact Air Compressor (part no. CKSA12) to inflate tires. This compressor was designed only to engage ARB Air Lockers. For tires up to 33” in size we recommend the ARB Medium Compressor (part no. CKMA12) and for tires above 33”, the ARB Twin Motor CKMTA12 compressor.

Can I replace my factory/OEM locking differential with an ARB Air Locker?

Fitment of ARB Air Lockers to vehicles fitted with OE locking differentials varies from vehicle to vehicle. Please refer to Air Locker Application Guide for further details.

Do I have to use an ARB compressor for my air locker?

ARB strongly recommend use of a genuine ARB air compressor, however, the Air locker air system can be operated on any alternative air source that meets the requirements as stated in our Air Locker fitting instructions.

Do I require individual compressors for each air locker on my vehicle?

No, each of our air compressors has provisions to activate 2(two) air lockers i.e. Front and Rear.

How often do I service my ARB Air Locker?

ARB Air Locker service internals vary depending on vehicle usage, terrain, and conditions. Please refer to the Operating and Service Manual.

I bought a vehicle/axle with an ARB Air Locker already installed. I don’t have any of the parts to plum my compressor to the Air Locker. What do I need?

We off a kit part number ALAP that includes everything you need to plum your compressor to the Air Locker. This is available for purchase through any authorized ARB Dealer.

What additional accessories are required for Tire inflation (on a vehicle mounted compressor)

For Tire inflation, the vehicle mounted compressor requires addition ARB Pump Up Kit #171302 which includes 6 metres air hose, quick connector coupling, clip on Tire inflator, and accessories.

What differential oil is required for ARB Air Lockers?

We recommend to follow your vehicle users manual for the quality and viscosity. We DO NOT recommend any oils with limited slip additives as they can shorten the life of the ARB Air Locker seals.

What is the minimum and maximum air pressure required to operated an Air Locker

The ARB Air Locker will engage at around 70 PSI. However for fast engagement and disengagement we recommend an air pressure supply between 100 and 150 PSI.

What is the warranty period for my Air Locker and Compressor?

ARB provides a 5-year (Air Locker) and 2-year (Compressor) warranty that covers defects against workmanship or materials. For further information please refer to our warranty terms and conditions available here. 

Where do I mount my compressor?

ARB vehicle mount compressors can be installed in various locations on the vehicle, including the engine bay, cabin, rear cargo area, etc. Please refer to ARB Air Compressor User Manual for further details regarding mounting positions.

Why do I have differential oil coming out of my solenoids?

The number one cause of differential oil traveling up the ARB Air Lines are due to differential housing pressure. If the housing does not vent properly, pressure will push the oil up the lines. To remedy this, check to make sure your factory breathers are not clogged or enlarge breather ports/hoses to allow more ventilation.

Why do I have to have my engine running when airing up tires with an ARB Compressor?

The ARB Compressor will perform better when it receives 14V output from the alternator vs the 12.6V from the battery alone. In addition, the battery will not be depleted by the compressor if the engine is idling.


Are my factory fog lights compatible with ARB bumpers?

In select few applications, ARB have incorporated factory fog light provisions. E.g. JK Wrangler, 200 series VX/Sahara, etc. Refer to application for further details.

Are the winches listed on the application guides the only winches that will fit the ARB Bumper for my application?

ARB is a distributor for Warn Winches and have only test fit Warn branded winches into our bumpers. If you would like to run another brand of winch, please compare the overall dimensions of the Warn winch listed with the brand winch you are interested in.

Can I modify the bumper?

ARB does not recommend the modification of any bumper due to the integration with the vehicles air bag system and structural integrity.

Can I order an ARB Bumper unfinished or bare steel?

All ARB Bumpers come in either a high quality black powder coat finish that is paintable or ARB’s new textured Integrit powder coat finish. ARB Bumpers are shipped from our manufacturing facility via shipping ocean freight. Without a protective finish, the bumpers would corrode by the time they reach North America.

Can I reuse my factory fog lights?

Due to frequent design changes with factory fog lights, in most ARB bumper applications the factory fog lights will not fit. In these cases, either an ARB Fog Light kit will be supplied or optional with the bumper. In most cases the factory fog light harness may be used to power the included/optional ARB fog light kit.

How long does a bumper take to install?

Installation times vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on the complexity of the design, however the average fitting time for an experienced fitter is approx. 4 hours.

What accessories can I fit to my bumper?

ARB bumpers have been designed with provisions for a wide range of accessories, including spot lights, 12V winches, antennas/aerials, etc.

What is the warranty period for my protection equipment?

ARB provides a 2 year, 40,000km warranty that covers defects against workmanship or materials.

Will I need to upgrade my OEM suspension after fitment of a bumper?

This can vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on the OEM front spring rate and any additional accessories fitted to the vehicle. Where bumper and winch are fitted, upgraded suspension is highly recommended.


Can the ARB Fridge Freezer be powered by a solar panel system?

Yes, ARB Fridge Freezers have been tested with name brand solar panel systems. Please contact the solar panel system manufacturer for a recommended system.

How many amps does the ARB Fridge Freezer draw

Amp draw will depend on often the compressor will need to run to maintain the set temp. This will be determined by the ambient temperature, how often the fridge door is opened and the contents of the fridge. During optimum conditions, the ARB Fridge Freezer will draw under 1.5A to maintain the set temperature.

Is the ARB Fridge Freezer rechargeable or does it need to be plugged in to operate?

All ARB Fridge Freezers require a constant supply of 12v, 24v or 110v to operate.

Why does my fridge only work on 120V and not when plugged into my car’s 12V?

Most power inlets on newer vehicles do not produce a full 12V. A feature of ARB Fridge Freezers is a low voltage cutoff that will prevent the fridge from running if it detects low voltage preventing your starting battery from going completely flat. Ensure that a full 12V is available or purchase the optional ARB dedicated fridge wiring harness.


Do you have any current promotions?

Please visit our promotions page for any current promotions.

Do you sell direct?

Currently we do not sell direct retail. We have built an extensive dealer network around North, Central and South America to better serve our retail customers. To find your nearest ARB Dealer, please visit our dealer locator page.

Do you sponsor individuals and vehicle builds?

We currently do not sponsor personal vehicle builds. Please visit our sponsorship request page for more information.

How do I request warranty or a repair?

We have a fully staffed warranty and technical department. All returns require a Return Goods Authorization number. To request, please contact our tech department at or by phone 425-264-1391

I have a new product idea. Who can I talk to regarding the product?

If you have a product idea or product proposal, please contact our headquarters in Australia using the contact portal at

What does A R B stand for?

ARB is the initials of ARB’s founder, Anthony Ronald Brown.


Does LINX come as a kit?

Yes. LINX is supplied as a standard kit (including: Controller, Display, Gimbal Mount, Wiring Loom, USB Cable and Mounting Rail). Optional accessories are also available which allow additional functions to be utilized on the LINX Accessory Interface system.


Can I just upgrade the coil/leaf springs only without Old Man Emu shocks?

All Old Man Emu springs have been designed and specially tuned to work in conjunction with Old Man Emu shock absorbers for each specific vehicle.

Do I need “light” or “heavy” springs?

For most applications, we offer OME springs in Light, Medium or Heavy Load options. The correct application will depend on how your vehicle is equipped with aftermarket accessories that add additional weight to your vehicle. In most cases you would use a light load spring on a vehicle with no aftermarket bumper and a medium or heavy load spring on a vehicle with an ARB Bumper.

How do I know which spring to selection?

Spring selection varies based upon the client’s specific load carrying requirements and accessories fitted.

How do you adjust or tune BP-51 struts or shocks?

We suggest that you set the dampening per the instructions and then move one adjustment at a time using the included tool until you find your preferred ride quality.

How much lift will I gain after installation of Old Man Emu suspension?

This varies from vehicle to vehicle due to the vehicles suspension limitations, please refer to the latest Old Man Emu Suspension Catalogue for estimated lift over factory ride height.

My Old Man Emu suspension has caused my vehicle to sit higher in the back than in the front

In most cases OME suspensions systems are designed to maintain the factory front-to-back rake. This is because OME suspension is engineered for load-carrying ability as well as lift. In some cases a rear leaf may be removed from the pack to level the vehicle, but there is a downside, the spring rate is also reduced. The spring will lose more height under when loaded causing the rear to sit lower than the front resulting in a poor and sometimes dangerous ride quality.

What is the warranty period for my suspension?

ARB provides a 3 year, 60,0000km warranty that covers defects against workmanship or materials.

Why didn’t my OME Suspension come with instructions?

The majority of our Old Man Emu suspension components are designed around factory frame, axle and control arm mounts and install the same as the factory components. Because of this, please refer to the factory service manual for specific vehicle.

Why do I need the additional fitting kits?

Specific suspension fitting kits have been developed to ensure that vehicle dynamics have not been altered including but not limited to) driveline, braking and steering operation.

Why doesn't Old Man Emu (OME) offer higher suspension lifts?

OME suspensions are engineered first and foremost for ride and handling quality. The amount of lift provided for each specific vehicle is within the maximum limits allowed by the stock suspension components so that extensive and costly modifications are not required.

Will my vehicle have a better tow rating with your suspension installed?

Installing OME suspension will help handle increased tongue weights, but will not increase your tow rating. Please follow the towing specifications per your owners manual.


Do I need to rotate my snorkel intake head around when driving in the rain?

It is not required to rotate your snorkel intake head around while driving in the rain. The Safari Snorkel head is designed to automatically drain any rain water that penetrates the intake head.

I cannot find my snorkel template.

All snorkels are inspected prior to shipping to ensure that the template is in the box. Please double check your carton as the templates are taped to the inside of the carton and are often missed during unpacking. If you still cannot find the template, please contact our tech department at or by phone (425) 264-1391

Will a Safari Snorkel allow me to drive under water?

Although the Safari Snorkel prevents water ingestion into the vehicles intake system, the snorkel does not make an engine waterproof. Caution still must be taken when crossing deep water.


Can I purchase individual panels?

These are generally sold as complete units; however individual panels are available where damage has been incurred.

Do I need to remove the skid plate during regular servicing?

This will vary from model to model as access/drainage provisions have not been integrated into all application.

Does my recovery point/skid plate have to be fitted in conjunction with an ARB bumper?

Most applications have been designed to allow fitment with factory bumper or an ARB bumper.

Is the UVP and recovery point available in alloy?

ARB UVP and recovery points are only manufactured in steel.


Do ARB Awnings come with brackets?

ARB does not include brackets with the awnings because every fitment may require a different style of bracket. ARB offers a universal “L” bracket and bracket set to be used with ARB Roof Racks (sold separately).

Do you need a roof rack to mount an ARB Roof Top Tent?

ARB Roof Top Tents are universal. They can be fitted to any flat surface as long it’s capable of handling 120lbs of dynamic weight.

Do you need a roof rack to mount the ARB Awning?

ARB Awnings are universal. With proper brackets (not included) the awning can be mounted to roof racks, cross bars, and flat surfaces.