Can the ARB Fridge Freezer be powered by a solar panel system?

Yes, ARB Fridge Freezers have been tested with name brand solar panel systems. Please contact the solar panel system manufacturer for a recommended system.

How many amps does the ARB Fridge Freezer draw

Amp draw will depend on often the compressor will need to run to maintain the set temp. This will be determined by the ambient temperature, how often the fridge door is opened and the contents of the fridge. During optimum conditions, the ARB Fridge Freezer will draw under 1.5A to maintain the set temperature.

Is the ARB Fridge Freezer rechargeable or does it need to be plugged in to operate?

All ARB Fridge Freezers require a constant supply of 12v, 24v or 110v to operate.

Why does my fridge only work on 120V and not when plugged into my car’s 12V?

Most power inlets on newer vehicles do not produce a full 12V. A feature of ARB Fridge Freezers is a low voltage cutoff that will prevent the fridge from running if it detects low voltage preventing your starting battery from going completely flat. Ensure that a full 12V is available or purchase the optional ARB dedicated fridge wiring harness.